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Mar. 26-29: 2015 Asians On Film Festival at the Japanese American National Museum

Asians on FilmThe 2015 Asians On Film Festival, which will screen 98 films from Friday, March 27th- Sunday, March 29th at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, 100 North Central Avenue, LA, kicks off with the opening night party in Beverly Hills at 424 Beverly Hills on Thursday, March 26, 2015, at 7pm.

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The festival schedule is:
FRIDAY, March 27, 2015
Today’s Headline (Arem Kim) (4 min)
Sex, Politics and Sticky Rice (Tina Takemoto) (8 min)
Dharma Road (June Inuzuka) (31 min) Nominations: Best Documentary
Pretty In the Dark – Delica-m (Herman Wang) (4 min) Nominations: Best Music Video
An All Encompassing Light (Chloe White) (20 min)
Sriracha (Griffin Hammond) (33 min)

Asian American Film Lab presents 72 Hour Shootout 2014
Return (Jesse Hsu)
Himitsu (Steven Gee)
Memory 317 (Michael Tang)
Underneath the Grey (Patrick Chen)
Dyed (Rommel Andaya)
Five Years (Howard Lui)
Family Matters aka Family First (David Rock)
The Split End (Eddie Shieh)
Take Out (Jonathan Lee)
America’s Top Hairball (Girard Tecson)
Startup Glory (Blake Tamaki & Joseph Jung)
Casefile 69 (Tyler Ham Pong)

6:00PM – 7:30Pm
Opening Night Red Carpet

Audition (Celine Li) (24 min) Nominations: Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast
Wedlocked (Samia Zaidi) (5 min)
Anastasia’s Journey (Jeffrey Chin) (5 min)
The Scuttlebutt Assassins (D.Y. Sao & Ren Wen) (6 min) Nominations: Best Action/Adventure
Patient One (Erykah del Mundo) (9 min) Nominations: Best Sci-Fi/Horror
Something Important (NaiWei Liu) (7 min) Nominations: Best Animation
Burglar (Hojin Kim) (5 min) Nominations: Best Action/Adventure
Room 731 (Young Min Kim) (18 min) Nominations: Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography
Harper Valley PTA – The Sym (Conner Scott) (5 min) Nominations: Best Music Video, Best Supporting Actress, Best Editing
Carolina Parakeet (A.J. Briones) (16 min) Nominations: Best Sci-Fi/Horror, Best Actor

Fishing at Lethe (Derek Fong) (4 min)
The Singing Teacher (Inshra Russell) (12 min)
Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future (Albert M. Chan) (16 min) Nominations: Best Actress
Office Romance (Dennis Glasco) (6 min) Nominations: Best Comedy
Carry On (Yatao Li) (16 min) Nominations: Best Ensemble Cast, Best Cinematography
Café Glass (Wen Ren) (9 min) Nominations: Best Editing
Mistress (Anja Murmann) (21 min) Nominations: Best Drama, Best Actress
Scrubbers (Christopher Cass) (14 min) Nominations: Best Actor

SATURDAY, March 28, 2015
Painter (Jisu Park) (8 min) Nominations: Best Animation
An Opening to Closure (Angelo Agojo) (12 min)
Oh, Baby! Baby? (Sungho Ahn) (6 min)
Lilies (Yudho Aditya) (7 min)
South Paw (John Raposas) (10 min)
Made In Bali (Michael Pohorly) (14 min)
The Best Man (Michael Saul) (14 min)
Zugzwang (Yolanda Centeno) (9 min) Nominations: Best Editing, Best Original Score
Cantonese Style! (Bea Soong) (9 min) Nominations: Best Comedy
White Rabbit (Christina Yoon) (18 min)

Black Sail – Chastity Belt (Maegan Houang) (4 min) Nominations: Best Music Video
Kahea (Walter Dods) (18 min) Nominations: Best Supporting Actress
Red Dress (Ekmund Yong) (13 min)
Raymond Avenue (Joe Zen) (6 min) Nominations: Best Supporting Actor
The Accountant, the Man (Fabian Hee) (12 min)
The Amulet of the Dragon (Joao Paulo Andrade) (17 min) Nominations: Best Action/Adventure
Smothered (Amit Dubey) (11 min)
Batgirl Rises (Vincent Tran) (23 min)

Li Wei: Weightless (George Sinfield) (10 min) Nominations: Best Documentary
Honorable Journey (Stephen Menick) (16 min) Nominations: Best Documentary
Dragonfly – Voia (Harry Bainbridge) (8 min)
Master Hoa’s Requiem (Scott Edwards) (18 min) Nominations: Best Documentary
Currency Affairs (Zehao Xue) (4 min) Nominations: Best Animation
The Kung Fu Lesson (Khalid Ali) (45 min) Nominations: Best Documentary

Too Many Nights @ Nuyorican – Kent Evans (Kent Evans, Michael James Wright & Ashley Fell) (8 min) Nominations: Best Music Video
Killing My Girl (Tasos Giapoutzis) (12 min)
Escape (John Wynn) (13 min) Nominations: Best Sci-Fi/Horror
A Song for Manzanar (Kazuko Golden & P E) (18 min) Nominations: Best Original Score
Stray Dogs (Davis Noir) (24 min)
Detached (Sahar Vizel) (16 min) Nominations: Best Actress
Enfilade (David Coyle) (10 min) Nominations: Best Sci-Fi/Horror

The Light and the Little Girl (Jih-E Peng) (7 min) Nominations: Best Cinematography
Side Glance of Dragon (We Ra) (17 min)
The Assassination of a Mathematician (Robert Wei) (20 min) Nominations: Best Ensemble Cast
Woman In Fragments (Quan Zhou) (22 min) Nominations: Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress
Nighthawks (Gianpaolo Lupori) (14 min) Nominations: Best Drama, Best Ensemble Cast
My Dog Wish (Terence Yu) (7 min) Nominations: Best Comedy, Best Editing
Talking to My Mother (Leon Le) (18 min) Nominations: Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Score

SUNDAY, March 29, 2015
The Skinny Tree (Christophe Gautry) (6 min) Nominations: Best Animation
Chance of Rain (Philipp Wolter) (15 min)
Time After (Sanjit De Silva & Jon Reitzes) (20 min)
Stuff (Sofian Khan) (4 min) Nominations: Best Comedy
Last Night (Cathy Yan) (12 min)
On the Road (Phoenix Liu) (13 min) Nominations: Best Editing
The Little Violinist (Yang Wang) (15 min) Nominations: Best Actor
Belief (Ivy Yu) (15 min) Nominations: Best Cinematography, Best Original Score

Dim Sum – Only Won (Jason Poon) (3 min) Nominations: Best Music Video
Mr. Chavan (Eddie Shieh) (6 min)
No No, Homo (Jerell Rosales) (3 min)
Next Like (Milton Ng) (12 min)
Clean (Seo-Young Jun) (13 min)
Hypebeasts (Jess dela Merced) (20 min) Nominations: Best Supporting Actor
R.A.D. Men (David Monster) (12 min) Nominations: Best Comedy
Emmy (Robert Abliez) (5 min) Nominations: Best Actress
Predetermined (Rommel Andaya) (10 min) Nominations: Best Sci-Fi/Horror, Best Supporting Actor
Jaded (Paolo Valdes) (20 min)

Red (Jess X. Chen) (2 min) Nominations: Best Animation
For Your Troubles (Brandon Apfel) (18 min) Nominations: Best Action/Adventure, Best Supporting Actress
Love Express (Patrick Chen) (18 min) Nominations: Best Original Score
Kung Fu Zombie (Milton Ng) (8 min) Nominations: Best Action/Adventure
Steh Auf (Get Up) (Seung-Hyun Chong) (25 min) Nominations: Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor
Tadaima (Robin Takao D’Oench) (15 min) Nominations: Best Drama, Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography

Nominated films:
Best Drama: Mistress (Anja Murmann), Nighthawks (Gianpaolo Lupori), Steh Auf (Get Up) (Seung-Hyun Chong), Tadaima (Robin Takao D’Oench), Talking to My Mother (Leon Le, Director)

Best Comedy: Cantonese Style! (Bea Soong), My Dog Wish (Terence Yu, Director), Office Romance (Dennis Glasco), R.A.D. Men (David Monster), Stuff (Sofian Khan)

Best Action/Adventure: Burglar (Hojin Kim, Director), For Your Troubles (Brandon Apfel, Director), Kung Fu Zombie (Milton Ng & Brendan Rae), The Amulet of the Dragon (Joao Paulo Andrade), The Scuttlebutt Assassins (D.Y. Sao & Wen Ren)

Best Sci-Fi/Horror: Carolina Parakeet (A.J. Briones), Enfilade (David Coyle), Escape (John Wynn), Patient One (Erykah del Mundo), Predetermined (Rommel Andaya)

Best Documentary: Dharma Road (June Inuzuka), Honorable Journey (Stephen Menick), Li Wei: Weightless (George Sinfield), Master Hoa’s Requiem (Scott Edwards, Director), The Kung Fu Lesson (Khalid Ali)

Best Music Video: Black Sail – Chastity Belt (Maegan Houang), Dim Sum – Only Won (Jason Poon, Director), Harper Valley PTA – The Sym (Conner Scott), Pretty In the Dark – Delica-m (Herman Wang, Director), Too Many Nights @ Nuyorican – Kent Evans (Kent Evans, Michael James Wright & Ashley Fell)

Best Animation: Currency Affairs (Zehao Xue, Director), Painter (Jisu Park), Red (Jess X. Chen), Something Important (NaiWei Liu), The Skinny Tree (L’arbe maigre) (Christophe Gautry)

Best Actor: Eric Chen (The Little Violinist), Danovich Han (Scrubbers), Myles Cranford (Carolina Parakeet), Seung-Hyun Chong (Steh Auf (Get Up)), Zilong Zee (Talking to My Mother)

Best Actress: Akemi Look (Woman In Fragments), Christine Corpuz (Emmy), Li Jun Li (Mistress), Myrav Osofsky (Detached), Tina Chen (Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future)

Best Supporting Actress: Clare Nono (Kahea), Elizabeth J. Carlisle (For Your Troubles), Elizabeth Sung (Woman In Fragments), Mariko Denda (Room 731), Amber Sweet, Jennifer Roberts & Janay Byrd “The Secretary Pool” (Harper Valley PTA)

Best Supporting Actor: Delon DeMetz (Raymond Avenue), Mackenyu Maeda (Tadaima), Michael Galante (Hypebeasts), Robert Ryu (Predetermined)

Best Ensemble Cast: Audition (Carry On (Yatao Li), Nighthawks (Gianpaolo Lupori), Room 731 (Young Min Kim), Tadaima (Robin Takao D’Oench), The Assassination of a Mathematician (Robert Wei)

Best Director: Celine Li (Audition), Leon Le (Talking to My Mother), Robin Takao D’Oench (Tadaima), Seung-Hyun Chong (Steh Auf (Get Up)), Young Min Kim (Room 731)

Best Cinematographer: Adam Goral (Room 731), Federico Taddei (Belief), Jih-E Peng (The Light and the Little Girl), Mingjue Hu (Tadaima), Qiang Peng (Carry On)

Best Editing: Cao Yang (My Dog Wish), Phoenix Liu (On the Road), Conner Scott (Harper Valley PTA), Wen Ren (Café Glass), Yolanda Centeno & David Bertran (Zugzwang)

Best Original Score: Elizabeth Lim (Belief), Eros Cartechini (Talking to My Mother), Juan Carlos Enriquez & Mika Selander (Zugzwang), Mike Kelly (Love Express), Tyler Koontz, Marisa Kosugi, Stephen Mitchell & Scott Nagatani (A Song For Manzanar)

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cropped-lia-chang_photo-by-carlos-flores-3.jpgLia Chang is an actor, a performance and fine art botanical photographer, and an award-winning multi-platform journalist. Lia starred as Carole Barbara in Lorey Hayes’ Power Play at the 2013 National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, N.C., with Pauletta Pearson Washington, Roscoe Orman, and made her jazz vocalist debut in Rome Neal’s Banana Puddin’ Jazz “LADY” at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York. She is profiled in Jade Magazine.

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Crafting a Career
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