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Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto Celebrates 50 Years of Koto Music at Lakeside Theater in Oakland on March 20

Congratulations to Oakland native Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto, who is celebrating 50 years of playing and performing koto, a traditional Japanese 13-stringed zither with an afternoon of music at Lakeside Theater in Oakland on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 4pm. Muramoto, her students and friends will be joined by koto players from Japan, Canada and the U.S. for this festive occasion.

The roster of distinguished artists includes Shigeo Tachibana, shakuhachi master from Chiba, Japan; and Linda Kako Caplan, Canada’s premiere koto master. This unprecedented event also brings together masters from three of Japan’s koto traditions: Shoko Hikage (Sawai School), Tamie Kooyenga (Todo School) and Michiyo Koga (Miyagi School). A joint performance by koto masters from different traditional koto schools rarely occurs in Japan, because of social decorum and koto’s traditional rules.

The concert is a reunion for musicians who played in Muramoto’s Murasaki Ensemble some 20 years ago. They include Lita Kazuho Buttolph, Carol Kasumi Takao, Melinda Kazumari Nakagawa, and Michelle Kazuakimi Suwabe. Murasaki Ensemble alums will join current members of the ensemble — Jeff Massanari, Matt Eakle, Vince Delgado, and Alex Baum.

Muramoto has been instrumental in keeping alive a musical tradition with roots in the U.S. concentration camps of World War II. Her mother learned the koto as a young girl, while interned at Topaz camp (in Utah) from teacher Haruko Suwada, and at Tule Lake (in California) from Mitsuko Sanemitsu Oda. Beginning at age five, Muramoto learned koto from her mother, who ran a koto school with as many as 70 private students at its peak. Muramoto assisted in the school recitals — and achieved her own teaching “Shihan” credentials in 1976, with Yushusho honors, from the Chikushi Kai in Fukuoka, Japan.

Over the past half century, Muramoto has been privileged to work with and perform with many great musicians, artists and celebrities. She has taught hundreds of students and has trained new teachers, among them her son Brian Mitsuhiro Wong and Felicia Kazuou Bock. Both recently passed their teaching exams with special honors.

While continuing to teach and perform, Muramoto has been researching the story of traditional Japanese artists of the American concentration camps. As she notes, the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 –which extended an apology and granted reparations to Japanese Americans incarcerated by the federal government during World War II — led to an outpouring of research about the internment. Muramoto was surprised to discover, however, that there was little documentation of the role of traditional Japanese arts (such as ikebana, Kabuki theater, and koto) in the camps, or of the artists who kept Japanese culture alive in the campus, despite potential accusations that these activities proved their disloyalty to the U.S. Muramoto has been conducting interviews and collecting artifacts of that era, hoping to shed light on an important and little-known aspect of the internment.

Each selection performed at the March 20 concert will represent an important juncture in Muramoto’s musical journey. In the process, she hopes to honor the teachers who came before her, sharing their knowledge and expertise. She also hopes that the celebration concert will help nurture the continuance of this musical and cultural legacy by her students, new teachers, and colleagues.

Special Guest Artists:
Shigeo Tachibana, shakuhachi, Chiba, Japan
Linda Kako Caplan, Chikushi Kai, Toronto, Canada

Koto teachers:
Shoko Hikage, Sawai Soukyokuin, San Francisco, CA
Tamie Kooyenga, Todo Kai, Walnut Creek, CA
Michiyo Koga, Miyagi Kai, Sacramento, CA
Kashihiro Ohzato (Debbie Barker Brune), Chikushi Kai, Roseville, CA
Brian Mitsuhiro Wong, Sawai Soukyokuin, Oakland, CA
Felicia Kazuou Bock, Chikushi Kai, Oakland, CA.

Murasaki Ensemble musicians:
Matt Eakle, flute
Vince Delgado, percussion
Jeff Massanari, guitar
Alex Baum, string bass
Koto teachers with Chikushi Kai:
Michelle Kazuakimi Suwabe (San Diego & San Mateo, CA)
Lita Kazuho Buttolph (Portland, OR)
Carol Kasumi Takao (Tempe, AZ)
Melinda Kazumari Nakagawa (Marina, CA)

When: 4 p.m., Sunday, March 20, 2011
Where: Lakeside Theater (in the Kaiser Center, near Lake Merritt
300 Lakeside Drive
Oakland, CA
Parking: Complimentary in the Kaiser Center garage
Tickets: $15 general, $10 students and seniors with ID

Co-Sponsor: J-Sei
Tickets can be obtained in the following ways:

1) PayPal: tickets can be obtained through Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto’s website on PayPal. We will send an email confirmation.
2) If you would like to reserve a seat and pay at the door, please send an email to, and bring your printed confirmation to will-call.

About J-Sei – Serving Seniors Since 1971
J-Sei, formerly JASEB, is a community and cultural organization that brings generations and families together to nurture and pass on Nikkei values and tradition through a broad array of services and programs. Some of our senior programs include a nutrition program, stimulating and social classes and lectures, a pilot Transportation Program, and bilingual case management and referral services. Our resources, information and services are relevant to the entire continuum of care for seniors, as well as their families and all ages of the Nikkei community.

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Lia Chang Photo by Brianne Michelle Photography

Lia Chang Photo by Brianne Michelle Photography

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